Entertainment and recreation has an important role for people. General condition and workability of people depends upon it. Depending on various preferences related to types of entertainment and recreation, there is a wide ranging of facilities, to wit aqua park, night clubs, restaurants, cafes and leisure.

Security and safety

Security and safety is one of the most important aspects of any activity of a company, as well as the confidence in personal safety. The security services of our company are provided both to companies and to individuals. The high level of training of our personnel and provision of complex security services to you and your company will enable minimizing …


The development of the national insurance market has been set as the main target of the economic reformation. The modern social and economic conditions need a comprehensive scientific system to be established, which would ensure the further development of insurance considering the requirements of international standards regulating the insurance market. The science of insurance is intended to address a broad …


While going over the main components of the branch structure, it has to be mentioned that it is the agricultural production that historically forms the natural basis for development of most regional and national economics, for which reason this development is featured as agroeconomic.


The development of tourism and high-quality services, offered to tourists, represents additional income sources to the budget, emphasizing the role of tourism economic development for the country in whole. The essence of this development can be tracked by analyzing the relevant economic indicators reflecting the quantity and quality of touristic services, the economic indicators of the production and service activity …

Marble, sand, gravel

The mineral resources represent the basis of economic development and independence of any state. In a sustainable economic environment ensuring normal operation of all the branches of the state industry, the use of non-metallic construction materials, as a rule, is in a steady progress. The most important non-metallic materials for construction include: crushed stone, sand, gravel etc. The mining of …

Wood-processing plant

The wood-processing plants play an important role in economy, being one of the most important fields. Almost any branch of the national economy uses wood and wood-products. At present, there exist and successfully operate a wide range of plants which manufacture various products important for people’ everyday life.

Consulting services

At present, consulting services have become an indispensable element of the existing market economy infrastructure. Consulting services represent professional support offered to executives and managers, consisting in analyzing the problems and offering the solutions (adopting the decisions) for ensuring stable operation and continuous development of the enterprise and organization. Thus, professional consulting services offered to any kind of business can …

Financial activity

The financial activity of the company is aimed at creating the initial (start-up) capital and subsequent provision of substantiated ratios when forming and using the income and financial resources, as well as ensuring appropriate conditions for performance of the obligations to the stat, buyers (customers) and suppliers. The analysis of the financial results of the company’s activity, as well as …

Information technology

Information technology and economy are two interconnected fields that offer economic benefits, as well as positive production results. The dynamic and rapid development of modern economy is generated by the use of the newest IT. The creation of new technology becomes more important for assessing the efficiency of the society economic development.