Construction is the foundation of technical progress in all sectors of the economy. The constructions establish the technical level of future production, the comfort level of the houses, the characteristics of the future city and its infrastructure, as well as the state of the city’s economy. Our company includes specialists with extensive experience in this field. Our priority is to build facilities as close as possible to the customer’s wishes, durable and safe in operation.

“LIVIU DELEANU” residential complex in partnership with “Inamstro SRL”

“LIVIU DELEANU” residential complex is located in the immediate vicinity of L. Deleanu Park in the Buiucani sector, Chisinau municipality.

The project is located far from the noisy city. A convenient location in the heart of nature offers everyone the opportunity to find a place for solitude. Here you can feel relaxed and calm, escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.