“STATI HOLDING” is represented in the economic space of the Republic of Moldova by a group of companies that have been operating successfully since 1993.


“STATI HOLDING” activities focus on areas of the economy such as: finance and investment, oil refining, real estate, construction, information technology, pharmaceuticals, security, entertainment and more.

The “STATI HOLDING” STRATEGY aims at identifying and implementing new projects, developing new competitive businesses on the global market, entering new markets, increasing the efficiency of assets by consolidating resources and creating added value for the Holding’s employees.

In order to achieve these objectives, the strategic partners of the Holding and the Holding itself work together, both in the development stage and in the implementation stage of the new projects.

THE MAIN OBJECTIVE OF “STATI HOLDING” is to achieve leading positions in key indicators among comparable transnational corporations in terms of production volume and scale of activity, as well as increasing profits and general income levels, expanding activities and creating new jobs.

THE PRINCIPLES OF “STATI HOLDING” OPERATIONS – efficiency, profitability, competitiveness, investment attractiveness, balanced respect for the interests of the holding’s partners and employees.

At a certain stage of development, it became obvious that the group of companies needed a structure capable of generating new competitive projects and contributing to the economy of Moldova and other countries.

“STATI HOLDING” fully ensures the compliance of its activities with international requirements in the field of environmental protection, standards of efficiency, competitiveness and transparency, the social and cultural characteristics of those regions and countries in which it operates.

COUNTRIES where “STATI HOLDING” operates: Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Monaco, Netherlands, Japan, Honduras, Sudan, Kenya, UAE , USA.

Throughout the history of its existence, the Holding has passed on a natural path of development and today occupies a leading position.

DISTINCTIVE FEATURES of “STATI HOLDING” – a high level of management and a market approach to business organization.

Today, “STATI HOLDING” has the necessary experience, knowledge, professional staff and financial resources to implement serious large-scale projects. The holding and its team have set important new long-term development goals, characterized by high efficiency and full dedication.