“Gast-Grup Security Agency” is a private security agency with a full Moldovan capital and twenty years of experience. Modern and comprehensive security solutions (for you, your home, family, business or any other type of activity).

The “Gast-Grup Security Agency” was established in the Republic of Moldova in 2000 and is a member of the STATI-HOLDING group of companies.

Many years of experience in teamwork, discipline and responsibility, the highest quality of services provided and the professionalism of all staff have made “Gast-Grup” one of the best and most reliable private security agencies in the Republic of Moldova.

SPECTRUM OF SERVICES “Gast-Grup Security Agency”:

  • safety and protection by human personnel (security / bodyguards);
  • monitoring and prompt intervention;
  • installation of technical systems (video surveillance, intercom / video intercom, burglar alarm, access control, fire alarm and much more).

“Gast-Grup Security Agency” security MISSIONS:

  • taking into account the needs of each client;
  • identifying global and timely solutions;
  • the impeccable fulfillment of obligations;
  • maintaining the qualities of the services and products offered;
  • the launching of the “Gast-Grup Security Agency” on the international market, while maintaining its reputation and high level of services;
  • investing in new technologies, training and specialization of staff for the benefit of customers and their employees.

PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES of the “Gast-Grup Security Agency”:

  • to carry out profitable activities, through which to ensure the implementation of the general development strategy;
  • to serve the interests of society;
  • to acquire and maintain a dominant market position in their field of activity;
  • to offer the highest quality goods and services at competitive prices;
  • to become a flexible company, adapting to market requirements, capable of self-reform and development.

KEY VALUES of the “Gast-Grup Security Agency”:

  • transparency;
  • binding;
  • efficiency;
  • professionalism;
  • capital;
  • legality.

WHY “Gast-Grup Security Agency”?
Security agents that have professional qualifications to manage and counter any situation, special equipment and self-defense tools to immobilize criminals and eliminate any potential or apparent danger.